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Our team is made up of engineers, mathematicians, designers, and computer scientists that can build any application and solve any problem. By having a diverse group, we are able to approach projects from different angles, research a wide variety of technologies, and collaborate to form new and interesting products.

Andrew Alaniz
CEO & Co-Founder

M.S. in Mathematics

I am currently finishing up grad school at LSU. My research is exploring a Geometric extension of the Langlands Program.

Dr. Richard Frnka
CTO & Co-Founder

Ph D. in Mathematics
Louisiana State University

After finishing grad school, I transitioned to software development full time. My best skills are iOS development and Python programming, but I have been getting more and more experienced with web dev and graphic design. I also enjoy drawing digitally and playing/recording music.

Rocky Melchor
Lead Developer

M.S. in Mathematics

I build Android apps from scratch, from design and prototyping to development and publishing. I also do graphic design and have experience building websites and developing iOS apps. My other interests include cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and cats.

Gerardo Gonzalez
Lead iOS Developer

B.S. in IT and A.A.S. in CIS

I like FPS Games, Coding and Web Design, I enjoy finding solutions for problems when I can. I am currently working with iOS development. I have always had a passion for advancements in technology, and hope to one day contribute to furthering those advancements.

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