CleverSolve is always on the move. We've succesfully released personal and commercial products. A variety of projects are under production, but here are a few published projects.

Tag U is a digital business card application. Users can create business cards and share them with other people around them. After accepting incoming tags, they are stored in your Digidex where you can access their shared information and easily contact them. Never worry about losing business cards ever again!

Weddingful is a photo posting board for weddings and other events. Your wedding guests become collaborative photographers, snapping shots during the wedding, reception, and even at the pre and post-parties! The power is in the hands of your friends and families, as they capture every moment. If you want Weddingful at your next event, contact CleverSolve to have your own event created with a private code that only your guests can receive. After the event, the photos will be delivered to you to preserve your perfect outing forever!

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