Mathematics & Modern Technologies

CleverSolve is a software development firm located in Edinburg, TX. It was founded by mathematicians in order to bring programmers and researchers together to develop new and exciting applications.

Mobile Applications

Android & iOS

By building applications natively, our products take advantage of platform specific features and optimizations. We deliver high-end applications that support all modern iOS and Android devices. Our services cover the entire development process, from concept to distribution, allowing us to provide a unique and exceptional user experience.

Responsive Websites

Smart Web-Apps

CleverSolve offers a variety of website design and development products, from personal websites to data management and administrative services. Incorporating the latest advancements in web technologies, we focus on creating responsive mobile web applications that provide a clean and user-friendly interface.


Modern, Intuitive, and Simple

Revitalize your business with our graphic design and prototyping services. Captivate your audience with modern and engaging designs. Breathe life into your ideas by prototyping your concepts to help others conceptualize and connect with your vision.

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